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Jukka Lehtonen appointed as CFO of Aito Media

Jukka Lehtonen is the new CFO of Aito Media.

The Finnish TV production company Aito Media Oy, part of the Mediawan Group, has appointed Jukka Lehtonen as its new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and management team member. Lehtonen has an extensive role in managing the company’s finances and administration. His responsibilities also include operational business development and human resource matters. Jukka Lehtonen started in his new position on 10 January 2022.

Jukka Lehtonen came to Aito Media from the Plaza Premium Group, where he was in charge of the financial operations of the group’s Finnish subsidiary. Earlier in his career, he worked in many different industries and employers such as KONE and Nokia. An M.Sc. (Econ. & BA) by training, Jukka Lehtonen has a strong and diverse experience in financial management and more than 10 years of experience in international business. He also has solid expertise in change management, business strategy and human resources. Lehtonen is excited about getting into the TV industry, an altogether new field for him, and taking over his new role at Aito Media.

“Aito Media has a remarkable history in content production in Finland. I have a very positive feeling about the support and collaboration that the French Mediawan Group will provide us in the future. I’m very eager to get involved in creating something completely new and turning a new leaf in Aito Media’s story. The future looks truly interesting”, says Jukka Lehtonen.

“I’m happy to have Jukka join our ranks at Mediawan and Aito Media. His solid experience and competencies in finance and HR constitute a valuable addition to our team’s capabilities. His background is completely outside the TV industry, which is something I see as very positive and refreshing. We’re currently in a very fascinating stage of building the future of Aito Media and a new international strategy that relies on the Mediawan Group more extensively than before. I’m truly delighted and thrilled to have Jukka on board planning and executing these future changes with us. Moreover, Jukka’s strong expertise in HR matters also helps us create and implement a new personnel strategy. Our goal is to make the company one of the most appealing employers in the Finnish production company scene", says CEO Jussi Lipponen.


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