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Mediawan Finland reorganises operations and hires two accomplished professionals

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Two media superstars, Lauri Nurkse and Emilia Valentin, take on key roles within the European-owned TV production company.

TV and media industry professionals Lauri Nurkse and Emilia Valentin are the new key players at Aito Media.

TV production company Mediawan Finland, owned by the European media conglomerate Mediawan, goes through reform and hires Lauri Nurkse and Emilia Valentin in key leadership positions. The reforms are conducted to satisfy customers’ demands and respond to the changing competitive landscape. The company plans on working with its parent company Mediawan closer than ever before in the future.

Lauri Nurkse, an accomplished media industry veteran, started as creative director of scripted content on February, 1st. Emilia Valentin, a TV industry professional with special merits in creating new formats, starts as head of non-scripted on March, 1st. Scripted content refers to scripted programmes, such as drama and comedy, while non-scripted refers to unscripted programmes, such as reality TV and entertainment.

In collaboration with Ella Piesala (head of scripted), Lauri Nurkse takes over the development and distribution of drama and comedy productions. He will also act as director in selected drama and comedy productions. Nurkse reports to CEO Jussi Lipponen and is part of the company’s extended management team.

It’s invigorating to start a new phase in my career where I can continue working as a director while also moving on to develop new fiction projects. I can’t wait to share all the amazing ideas we’ve generated with the inspiring gang at Mediawan”, Lauri Nurkse states.

CEO Jussi Lipponen is delighted by Nurkse joining the team. The acquisition further bolsters the company’s scripted content.

For example, the crime series Lakeside Murders, directed by Nurkse, has been a huge hit on the Ruutu streaming service. We are currently filming the second season of the series, and other unannounced productions are in various stages of development. I’m thrilled and delighted to have Lauri on our team. He’s one of the most creative and talented people working in the industry today, and he possesses uncanny commercial instincts, which are based on meeting the audience’s demands”, Lipponen states.

Emilia Valentin is in charge of non-scripted and entertainment content, carrying the responsibility of distribution and development. Valentin has previously worked for Yellow Films and Rabbit Films and joins Mediawan from Fremantle where she worked as a member of the development and distribution team. Valentin reports to CEO Jussi Lipponen and is part of the company’s extended management team.

I’m very excited to jump on board to rejuvenate the non-scripted operations at Mediawan Finland and develop new successful formats with the leading professionals in Finnish TV production. I can’t wait to start working at an invigorated and dynamic company under the inspiring leadership of the international media family Mediawan. Our goal, now and in the future, is to be a production company where creativity, trust, and freedom are values that are plainly apparent to business partners and industry professionals”, Emilia Valentin states.

We want to serve our clients better than ever, raising the bar and improving the quality in everything we do. With increasing competition, we offer our viewers content and solutions of ever-increasing quality. Emilia’s experience at working in varying and diverse production companies, not to mention her undeniable vision and talent in creating new formats, is exceptionally impressive. I eagerly await working with Emilia as well”, CEO Jussi Lipponen states.



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About Mediawan –

Created in late 2015 by Pierre-Antoine Capton, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse, Mediawan is one of the main independent European studios producing audiovisual content. Mediawan brings together best-in-class talents in audiovisual creation by operating on the entire value chain: production of drama, cinema, documentary, animation and unscripted shows (Mediawan Studios) thanks to over 50 production labels in France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland and Senegal, but also distribution of audiovisual content (Mediawan Rights, LS Distribution and Telmondis Distribution), and publishing of channels and digital services (Mediawan Thematics). For the past year, Mediawan, in partnership with LEONINE STUDIOS, has been a major independent player in the production and distribution of content in Europe.

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