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A revolution is taking place in the food industry. Successful product has to taste good, but also be ethical, sustainable and good for the planet, and for our health. The Food Inventors series follows six food inventors, people or small companies, and how they compete to have their new innovative food product a place in the largest supermarket chain in Finland, S Group’s shelves.

Amongst hundreds of applications, less than 30 were selected for the semi-finals. Only six of them redeems their place and will continue to compete for the win. The finalists are given €15,000 and mentored for six months to help refine their product. The inventors and their product development are scored each week by a panel of five food, marketing and trading professionals. 

The Food Inventors dives into the world of food and product development. Each episode the contestants must complete a task. The tasks are design to enable them to perfect their product; create a packaging, build a marketing campaign, solve issues of sustainability whilst being able to mass produce their food - all towards creating a bestseller recipe.


The show is hosted by a top chef and restaurateur, the main judge of the competition, Jyrki Sukula. In addition, four other judges helping the competitors in reaching their goals are: Suvi Luoma (Research Director at Foodwest), Jukka Kurttila (Creative Director at Finlayson) and Sampo Päällysaho (SVP Groceries at S Group).


The first season was huge a success in Finland! The competition turned into a phenomenon and the tv show became the most talked about branded content series in 2019.

The format has been created in cooperation with the S Group. The winner product of the first season, ’the veggie ball’, was the best-selling new food product in 2019. It outperformed both domestic and international giants in sales.



The Food Inventors


7 x 1 hour


Branded content

Reality competition

Originating Producer

Aito Media


First season Discovery Finland (2019)
Second season Nelonen (2020)

Third season MTV3 (2021)


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