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Crime series

6 x 42 min

Seasons: 1


A Gripping true story of a siege that shocked Finland.

The Taxi driver wanted to be a legendary criminal. 
The Cop wanted to save everyone. 
Only one succeeded.


A True crime drama series about a high-pressure hostage and siege situation and the rise and fall of a legendary criminal.


The First contract killing in Finland took place in 1992 and it led to a 55-hour hostage situation two years later. The Whole nation followed the unfolding of the events when an entire apartment building and its residents were held hostage by a ruthless killer. Siege follows the unique and chilling tangle of crimes from both the point of view of the criminals and the police. It’s an engaging thriller, but also a character study on one of the most memorable characters in Finland's criminal history - Ilpo Larha.

Leading roles

Elias Salonen (Ilpo Larha)

Jussi Vatanen (Detective Inspector Heinonen)


Petri Kotwica

Concept and the Head Screenwriter

Hannu Kontturi


Hannu Kontturi, Antti Pesonen


Erna Aalto, Laura Ahola

Executive Producers

Ella Piesala, Jussi Lipponen/Mediwan Finland and Tea Panula/Nelonen Media



Nelonen Media

Elisa Viihde

Other financing

Film Tampere

Tampere City




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