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Rescuing Santa | Kadonnut: Joulupukki



Rescuing Santa: Scripted Edition is a groundbreaking six-episode family holiday musical adventure series that tells a timeless story of friendship and courage. The story is now available also as an 88-minute movie.


Four children are invited as Santa’s guests to Christmas Wonderland after having written a touching letter to Santa Claus. Upon arriving, the children learn they will not be able to meet Santa Claus, and they begin to suspect something is wrong. Soon they discover that Santa Claus has gone missing. The children decide to investigate Santa’s disappearance.


Throughout their adventure, the kids follow leads which introduce them to various residents of the Christmas Wonderland who also require the children’s help in finding their missing Christmas spirit. Will the kids succeed in finding Santa Claus in time, or will Christmas be just another silent night?


Featuring fantastic state-of-the-art, eye-popping CGI-virtual sets and twelve original songs, this turnkey production hub is visually stunning and cost-efficient.


The series premiered on The Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle's channel TV2 in December 2014. A movie based on the original series was aired in Finland on Christmas 2015.

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