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Short-form Comedy
18 x 2-5 min
1 Season


Pirjo is a woman who often ends up into extremely awkward situations. She is a friendly person who only wants to do good, but completely mundane everyday situations and encounters will have unexpected turns. Circumstances are not always in her favor and misunderstandings can’t be avoided. Pirjo's attempt to come up with explanations sometimes turn into complete disasters. 


The short-form comedy series Pirjo is scripted by famous Finnish stand-up comedian Pirjo Heikkilä together with well-known and respected director Lauri Nurkse. Named after it’s scriptwriter, all the episodes and scenes in Pirjo are derived from real life observations, some which have actually happened personally to her. 


Third season of Pirjo was released in autumn 2020. A Golden Venla nominated series.


Leading role

Pirjo Heikkilä



Lauri Nurkse


Concept and the Head Screenwriter

Pirjo Heikkilä, Lauri Nurkse


Ilkka Hynninen


Executive Producers

Ilkka Hynninen

Ella Piesala





Other financing

Film Tampere & Tampereen kaupunki




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