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My Teen Mom Story | Toisenlaiset teiniäidit



My Teen Mom Story is a series about the lives of 12 young moms in the middle of life-changing times. The second season introduces wide-spectrum of women, their touching and inspiring stories.


Pregnancy and childbirth are major events for anyone, but what happens when a mom-to-be is only learning to be an adult herself? Among them are teenagers pregnant for their first child and also two 26-year-old women both pregnant for their seventh child. In addition to following the pregnancies, the series dives deeper into the stories, sometimes revealing even tough issues and experiences under the surface. Nevertheless, the stories are flooded with love and empowering moments.

Host Sami Kuronen and psychologist Leea Mattila will work as mentors, helping mothers during a remarkable stage of their lives.

My Teen Mom Story second season was aired in autumn 2020. 


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