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Lakeside Murders | Koskinen



Crime series
10 x 42 min
2 Seasons

The series follows Inspector Sakari Koskinen and his team in the Violent Crimes Unit as they try to solve murders in a Finnish lakeside city of Tampere.

The Violent Crimes Unit is exceedingly busy and understaffed, not having enough resources.

The ragtag team includes a chronically tired mother of three, a self-proclaimed ladies’ man and a football enthusiast. During the first season, Koskinen and his team face a serial killer, a murder spree in the wake of an IT company’s bankruptcy, a jewellery robbery gone bad, a series of murders in a mental home and a drug gang related arson with homicides. As Koskinen faces violent and grisly crimes, he also has to struggle against inner demons to keep his own life in balance.


Leading roles

Eero Aho

Maria Ylipää

Turkka Mastomäki

Jon-Jon Geitel


Lauri Nurkse

Concept and the Head Screenwriter

Riku Suokas



Erna Aalto


Executive Producers

Ilkka Hynninen

Ella Piesala



2 (3 in production)



Nelonen Media

Elisa Viihde


International sales

LS Distribution/Mediawan Rights


Other financing:

Film Tampere

Tampereen kaupunki


2021& 2022

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