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Alina Goes East | Alina idässä


Actress Alina Tomnikov travels to Belarus, Ukraine and Bulgaria in order to get to know her Slavic roots in Alina Goes East. On her travels Alina meets local young adults who tell her about their lives in Eastern Europe of the 21st century and share what modern day Slavism is all about. Alina also stays in homes of locals during her trips and asks them to show their favorite places in their hometowns.


Alina Goes East also shows how each of the countries have their own challenges that affect the daily lives of local young adults. The authoritarianism of Belarus causes anxiety for the young people dreaming of the future and in Ukraine young people go to war at the eastern border while trying to remove corruption and increase equality. Bulgaria is the only country Alina visits, which is part of the EU, yet the standards of the country tell otherwise even though Sofia is one of the most trendy capital cities along the route.


Prepare yourself for interesting and trendy travel destinations and strong emotions!


Alina Goes East aired in spring 2018.


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