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10 Finnish Serial Killers | 10 suomalaista sarjamurhaajaa



A serial killer, drug killer, serial strangler and nylon stocking killer. Our dark murder history knows the case even from the 19th century, when Juhani Aataminpoika, known as Kerpeikkari, brutally murdered a total of more than ten men, women and children in five weeks. He holds the dubious title of Finland's biggest serial killer.


10 Finnish serial killers tells about killers who have all killed with the force of a dark and morbid past. Forensic psychiatrist Hannu Lauerma and criminal psychologist Jaana Haapasalo delve into the mind and background of the murderer. Crime historian Marjo Kuikka brings a social and historical perspective. Investigative and legal information is processed by police officers, prosecutors and lawyers. Including the police, who has known the serial strangler Penttilä since childhood when they lived in the same neighborhood in Oulu. Each episode deals with a series of murders committed by one perpetrator.


Serial murder is defined as a series of crimes in which the murderer commits at least three separate murders over a period of more than a month. There is often a cooling off period between the acts, after which the desire to kill increases and leads to the repetition of the crime. Killing often involves the use of power and sexual activity, which bring pleasure to the murderer. Killing represents the ultimate use of power.


What do killers have in common? How do female killers differ from male ones? What does repeated killing represent? Would they have been able to stop killing without getting caught? The series takes you deep into the mind of a serial killer. While the actions of murderers are unacceptable, one can learn to understand the motivations behind them. Could we use comprehension  to prevent crime?


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